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Guests Section

Beacon of Hope has been fortunate to be part of the lives of many wonderful people who have visited our facility.  Here are some of their stories: 

Christine Lozada, San Diego, California  was very impressed by Beacon of Hope. She writes :
"The setup was very nice. It was located very close to Lolo's house. We spent a long time there – maybe 2-3 hours. I talked to Cynthia and Les for a long time and Adam really enjoyed being there. The kids are very cute and very good! I got teary eyed hearing Cynthia’s story on how she started the Beacon Of Hope as well as the stories behind the kids.  There’s a lot of love at Beacon Of Hope.  Lolos driver (Ronnie) took us there and we all (Uncle and Lolo and Ronnie and Adam) hung out with the kids, drank iced tea, and ate Trader Joes brownies (they have food shipped from San Diego all the time)."


 Apr 18 ,2011, 12:49 am | Posted in Beacon Of Hope

Yance Family, Canada

"We are safely home and trying to get adapted back to regular life. We enjoyed our stay at Beacon of Hope, getting to meet you and see your beautiful orphanage. It was a real highlight to spend time with the children;  their helpers were very friendly and caring towards all the kids. It was very special when some of the children sang a couple of Sunday school songs to us-- it was very touching. 

Thanks again for your hospitality--
Ramon, Joyce and Athaliah."  

May 13, 2012

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